The Municipality of Thessaloniki is committed to designing and implementing pilot projects of urban regeneration based on the local bioclimatic characteristics, in order to adapt to climate change impacts. The projects are developed in two areas. The first one has been developed in the road junction Papanastasiou – Voulgari and aims to create a new green area in relevance with the neighboring Nea Elvetia park. It contains new water canal, beautiful colors and scents from vegetation combined with the establishment of outdoor gymnastics equipment. The second one is located on Sarakatsanon square at the junction Botsari – Electra’s and aims at creating a new green area which will better cover the needs of the local people for recreation and relaxation and can accommodate various activities during the day by entailing a new playground for kids.

You can read here more info about the projects:

Sarakatsanon square at the junction Botsari – Electra1

Road junction Papanastasiou – Voulgari