LIFE ASTI UHI Action C.4 Adaptation Strategies Assessment Report, Jan 2022 pdf
LIFE ASTI Action C.7 Report on the local pilot actions for Thessaloniki and Rome, Jan 2022 pdf
 LIFE ASTI Action C.5 Good Practice Guidebook (GPG) for Combating UHI and Increasing Resilience to Heat, Dec 2021 pdf
LIFE ASTI Action C.4 Future Climate Impact Assessment on UHI Effect and Assessment of Adaption Plans, Jan 2021 pdf
LIFE ASTI Proceedings of the Second European Workshop, Thessaloniki Dec 2019 pdf
LIFE ASTI Proceedings of the First European Workshop, Rome Dec 2019 pdf
LIFE ASTI Action C.1 Methodological Report on UHI Forecasting Systems, July 2019 pdf
LIFE ASTI Action D. 1 Project Monitoring Performance Guide, June 2019 pdf
 LIFE ASTI Action C. 6 Report on Heat Health Warning Models Definition Protocol, May 2019 pdf 
LIFE ASTI Action E.1 Communication Strategy  pdf 
 LIFE ASTI Action A.1 Architectural and Functional Report, Dec 2018 pdf