The LIFE UrbanProof project team organized on 19-20 of April 2021 an International virtual conference focusing on climate change impacts and adaptation at the urban environment. The Conference is the 3rd ADAPTtoCLIMATE Conference organized in the framework of a series of LIFE projects on adaptation. 50 speakers from Greece, Italy and Cyprus and other EU countries participated in the Conference, while the attendants were more than 400. The presence of other LIFE projects on Climate Action was significant, as 26 projects presented their actions and their results so far, thus enabling the creation of numerous synergies between the projects. The LIFE ASTI programme was represented by Dr Stavros Keppas, Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics, School of Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His presentation entitled “LIFE ASTI: Thermal Perception of the Urban Heat Island effect and Future Projections” focused on the issue of UHIE, how this affects the lives of vulnerable groups and how this problem might be handled.

Find here the Agenda and the Presentations of the Conference.