The extremely high temperatures recorded during the summer of 2021 would not have been possible without human-induced climate change. A new study by the Met Office has closely linked human activity to climate change and extreme weather phenomena. The Met Office climate attribution scientist, Dr. Nikos Christidis who led the analysis has stated that: “This latest attribution study is another example of how climate change is already making our weather extremes more severe. Our analysis of the European summer of 2021 shows that what is now a one in the three-year event would have been almost impossible without human-induced climate change”. In addition, another scientist, Professor Peter Stott of the Climate Attribution at the Met Office Hadley Centre has stated that: “We can be more confident than we’ve ever been about linking extreme weather events to climate change. The increasing chances of these extreme events continue to rise as long as we continue to emit greenhouse gasses. The science is clear that the faster we reduce our emissions of greenhouse gasses, the more we can avoid the most severe impacts of climate change.” Our prolonged harmful activity is most profoundly affecting life on the planet as well our own quality of life and most probably our survival as a species. To secure a more sustainable future, it is imperative we change the way we operate. Read more HERE