The purpose of the 2-days workshop with the title “Forecasting Urban Heat Island and Heat-Health related impacts in a Climate Changing Environment and Urban Adaptation “, was mostly brainstorming and mutual exchange of know how, bringing together a variety of researchers and stakeholders to discuss and identify opportunities for supporting and expanding active and sustainable actions on urban heat island effect. The workshop was held in the Marconi  Hall at the CNR headquarters in Rome. Over 40 people pre-registered for this workshop and more than 50 attended the first morning session.

The workshop consisted of two main sessions of short presentations and discussion time (usually 5-10 mn).  A keynote speech on “Evidences of Urban Heat Island effects from measurements and numerical modeling” was given by Professor Dino Zardi of  Univerisity of  Trento.  The first day participants represented a variety of both research works and Life and not Life projects while the second day was dedicated to group discussions; the organizers solicited feedback from participants’ presentations and stressed on the importance of coordinated actions. Overall, the group agreed that the workshop had been a valuable moment for future coordinated work and collaboration actions between LIFE ASTI partners, networking partners and local stakeholders. Participants also envision an engaged and informed community that makes decisions that will benefit future generations. After the morning session of the second day, a visit to the atmospheric super-site of the nearby University of Rome was organised.