An educational visit was realized on Tuesday, July 6th at a technical work in progress by the Municipality of Thessaloniki. The work is titled “Landscaping of a green space at the junction of Papanastasiou street and Voulgari street. Funding for the expropriation of this space of three acres was provided by the Green Fund while funding for the implementation is provided by NSRF – RDP of central Macedonia.

The total budget for this work is 461.459,42 € and the date of completion has been set to June of 2023. This work is expected to significantly contribute to the improvement of the urban environment as well as the quality of life of the city’s residents by offsetting the negative effects the Urban Heat Island Phenomenon has on people’s health. Furthermore, visitors will have the chance to physically exercise in the space. It goes without saying, the park will be accessible to people with reduced mobility.


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