Hot summer is on its way. The temperature in the cities can become unbearable. How do we know which are the days of extreme heat? How do we protect ourselves and the health of our families? Do you live in Rome, Thessaloniki or Heraklion? Learn how the thermal stress affects you.


The new LIFE ASTI mobile application just landed. It provides easy access to the information produced by the LIFE ASTI forecasting system for Rome, Thessaloniki and Heraklion using a mobile phone.

The application provides access to the forecasting system and to forecast data of the three cities. An overall estimation of the thermal stress is initially provided for the different city districts.

Living in urban areas, which results to a modified thermal climate with several strong effects on human health, enables the user to see a short term forecast and future projection of heats for 3 Mediterranean cities in an app.


The combined effect of global climate change and rapid urbanization is expected to make the residents of urban areas more vulnerable to a range of urban environmental problems, strongly connected with the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect, a phenomenon that is considered to be one of the most representative and well-documented manifestations of climate modifications due to urbanization.


Urbanization induces significant atmospheric and surface alterations, leading to a modified thermal climate that is warmer than the surrounding non-urbanized areas. UHI has substantial impacts on human health, regional economies and environments.


The LIFE ASTI project focuses on the Urban Heat Island effect and human health by using a system of numerical models that leads to the short-term forecast and future projection of the UHI phenomenon in the three Mediterranean cities. The model system produces high-quality forecasting products, such as bioclimatic indicators and heating and cooling degree days to assess the energy needs of buildings.


Available for Android & for iOS

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