The Municipality of Thessaloniki is committed to designing and implementing pilot projects of urban regeneration based on the local bioclimatic characteristics, in order to adapt to climate change impacts. The construction of Green Roofs in public buildings is among the priorities of the Municipality. The biggest Green Roof has already been constructed in the school complex of the 26th High School of Thessaloniki, while similar projects on three more schools are also ongoing. Bearing in mind the structural capacity of the building and the need for reducing energy consumption, the project entails the construction of an extensive green roof covering an area of 1,510 sq.m. on the existing roof of the building with a 10 cm thickness of planting medium. Approximately 95% of the roof is covered with vegetation, including more than 16,000 plants.  The installation of a green roof has many benefits at economic, ecological and societal levels. A green roof provides a rainwater buffer, purifies the air, reduces the ambient temperature, regulates the indoor temperature, saves energy, extends roof life and encourages biodiversity in the city. The project’s budget amounts to 408,000 euro and is financed by the National Strategic Reference Framework 2014-2020 in the context of the Regional Operational Programme of Central Macedonia.

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